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Confusion around Extent min/max values

Question asked by ywen123 on Jan 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2018 by rscheitlin

When I instantiate an extent, I provide the min/max coordinates to the Extent constructor as such

{xMin: -104.6279632, xMax: -103.2536728, yMin: 32.1424875714, yMax: 32.96790257160003}


However when I view the Extent obj instance, the min/max values are now magnitudes larger than the values I've passed:

  1. xmax:-11460263.863552293
  2. xmin:-11681014.001239965
  3. ymax:3885914.941853233
  4. ymin:3787158.301308748


How does the input min/max coordinates related to the min/max coordinates on the Extent instance?


I'm trying to cache the Extent after view becomes stationary.  As such, I'm caching the larger min/max pairs from the extent object.  This value can not be subsequently used to re-instantiate an Extent via the constructor method.


Is there some translation algorithm to map between the input min/max and the instantiated min/max?    Thanks