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Create Replica Timeout

Question asked by mjk5000 on Jan 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2018 by vze234xc

We have a number of users and all of them seem to be failing when trying to create a replica on our ArcGIS server.  Currenly we have about 150 checkout replicas on our server.  Users are able to sync their changes in time, but it seems that the majority of users are getting pushed out after 5 minutes.  This happens both in code using the CreateReplica method in arcobjects and when creating a replica manually through arccatalog.  These replicas are made using an attribute query.  We have changed all of the server configurations we can think of, but nothing seems to work.


In the past, we have had too many replicas and would remove them using the "manage replicas" option, but this doesn't seem like the solution to the underlying problem.


The create replica usually would take about 2 minutes to create on the server, but now it is taking >5 minutes and causing the timeout.  The timeout helped us determine there was a problem, but we cant figure out why the replication is taking so long?


Please help as this is in our production environment.


We are running ArcGIS Server 10.5.1 and creating Checkout FileGDBs through code/manually