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Journal Story Map won't open

Question asked by pretty2015 on Jan 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2018 by pretty2015

I am trying to put together a story map journal to use for a presentation to my fellow faculty members. The purpose of the presentation is to inform the faculty members of the benefits of the Esri Educational Site license and ways in which GIS training, and classroom resources can be utilized across all disciplines. The presentation focuses on Esri training, Esri press, ArcGIS online, etc.

I can link ArcGIS online as the Main Stage website for the section. I can also type in and it will link to the story map.

My problem is when I attempt to link any variation of the home page or training page of the esri website it won't populate in the story map. I have tried both web page link and embed code. I have tried both http: and https: versions to no avail. Variations is have tried are,,,,,

I read on a help site about disabling the https for the organizational account, which I did; however this doesn't seem to fix the problem with the main esri page not wanting to load or display in a story map journal.