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Working with a TEMP Feature Layer

Question asked by bokeefe on Jan 4, 2018

So I have access to some Enterprise Databases that are actually in another companies offices. They are not managed by my organization, nor do we have anything but BROWSER access to them. This allows me to view and export from them.


I am trying to build a Model that works with data from these databases. However, whenever I "Make Feature Layer" and try to "Add Field" to that Feature Layer (which I thought was temporary) I get schema lock issues.


I'm trying to get this data pulled out of these databases and put into our Local Government Database with Model Builder. And once I get the model doing everything I need the goal is export it to a script that we will setup to run on a schedule.


What do I need to do to work with databases I do NOT have administrative access to? Should I just export them FIRST? I thought that is what MAKE FEATURE LAYER did... Created a temporary Feature in a floating Workspace... then I can manipulate it, adjust it, and append to wherever else I DO have administrative access to.