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Access a Windows Form while in a QueuedTask

Question asked by bulla_b on Jan 4, 2018

I need to access a ListBox control while also performing an action requiring a QueuedTask.  When access the SelectedItems on the ListBox, I get an error about the ListBox being access outside of the thread that created it.


What are the best ways to get around this?  Should I just save the SelectedItems to a List before entering the QueuedTask, or is there a way to access Form controls while in the QueuedTask??


QueuedTask.Run(() =>
                    Map map = MapView.Active.Map;

                    foreach (string layerName in lstLayers.SelectedItems)    //This is where I get the error
                        FeatureLayer currentLayer = map.GetLayersAsFlattenedList().OfType<FeatureLayer>().Where(l => l.Name.IndexOf(layerName, StringComparison.CurrentCultureIgnoreCase) >= 0).FirstOrDefault();
                );  //end of Queued Task