executing PublishMSDToServer with arcserver license failing

Discussion created by kuiperfoliage on Jan 25, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2017 by jbatbayarmonmap-mn-esridist

i'm trying to execute PublishMSDToServer through a rest endpoint using a arcserver license but this is failing with the following error:

Failed publishing Map Document to Server

It does work when executed with an arceditor license.

I tried changing the license for the rest endpoint by specifying

import arceditor

at the start of the script, but the rest endpoint will try to execute it as arcserver.

So two questions:
- why is PublishMSDToServer not working with an arcserver license; and
- How, as a temporary fix, make sure the script is executed with an arceditor license through an REST endpoint.

So the script is part of a toolbox that is exposed by a rest endpoint on a arcgis server.

Thanks for your feedback!