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Question asked by jebdickerson on Jan 3, 2018
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i'm noticing that one of the geoinquiries seems to be missing things or not linking to the correct info. at least, that's how it seems. it may be user error as i'm fairly new to this, but a few examples...


#13 for Adv Human Geog

  • the HDI Very High layer seems to be missing many countries (germany, france, england)
  • for that matter, i guess all the layers (low, med, high) are missing countries as there are only a few countries in each category
  • there is a question ("Which middle development country is an example of a newly industrializing country? ") on that inquiry that doesn't have a corresponding layer that might help us answer it.
  • when i click on 'description' under any of the layers, it takes me to a random layer description that doesn't relate as far as i can tell.


 i haven't checked them all, but just wondering if these are typically kept pretty updated or if they are known to be i bit glitchy. they seem like a really valuable resource, but if they aren't maintained i don't want to use them with students. 


thank you very much.