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login/access to esri and arcgis online

Question asked by jebdickerson on Jan 3, 2018


i'm a teacher in CA and i'm trying to wrap my head around how all the pieces of this amazing resource fit together.


when i'm logged in at, and i go to my profile, it shows that i am part of my district's organization (i'm the contact on it, actually). from that page, i can navigate to ArcGIS Online by clicking on my name/avatar at the top right. i remain logged in when i get to ArcGIS Online.


if instead, i click on the EDUCATION link in the footer (under special programs), it takes me to, and there is a menu item on that page called SCHOOLS, from which I choose 'instructional resources'. again, i'm still logged in on this page, as expected.


but when i click to EXPLORE GEOINQUIRIES, it takes me to a page on which i am no longer signed in. that doesn't seem like a big deal, but i'm worried that i might not have access to certain things if i'm not signed in (much like you don't have access to all the features of a map on ArcGIS Online if you're not logged in). and when i click 'sign in', i don't have the option to sign in with Google (which is what my Organization Account with Esri is connected to), and just using my Google/School email and password doesn't work if i just put it in manually. 


none of which, again, is a big deal, EXCEPT that when i then click to complete a Geoinquiry, and open the associated map, i'm no longer signed in, which means i don't have access to certain information on the layers, can't save maps, etc. unless i sign in, which i can actually do properly from the map view page, but it's just a bit confusing.


i'm just trying to understand the connection between the different resources available, mostly so i can properly guide students if they run into issues. 


thanks for any help/clarification. sorry for the long question/explanation.