ArcGIS Pro Export to PDF Stalling Layers with Transparency?

Discussion created by kalenmyers on Jan 3, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2018 by DalindaDamm

Hi there, 


I'm having consistent issues with my PDF products after using Export to PDF with ArcGIS Pro. I think I've narrowed it to layers that have transparency set. Basically, when I export to PDF and first open the document it appears as if certain map layers haven't drawn (those with transparency of some level). If I resize the PDF, scroll to the next page, or even minimize the document and re-open it, the layers appear. It's like the drawing of those items is stalled until I make some sort of action to the Adobe application. 


I don't have this issue when I print the layout as a PDF, but the quality is a lot worse than when exporting.


Has anyone else had this issue? Suggestions?