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What are the most popular frameworks/libraries used in conjunction with the ArcGIS Online JS API?

Question asked by c_sharp_dotnet on Jan 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2018 by c_sharp_dotnet

In addition to Dojo, I'm wondering what libraries and frameworks everyone out there in AGOL land are using.  My team builds custom applications using ASP.NET MVC and the ArcGIS Online JavaScript API.  We also use a couple other popular libraries like jQuery and Bootstrap.  I've also been experimenting with incorporating Knockout.js.   I've seen a few posts on GeoNet and elsewhere about people also leveraging additional libraries and frameworks in their AGOL/Dojo applications such as React and Angular.


So my question to GeoNet is: in addition to AGOL JS API/Dojo, what libraries and frameworks do you like to use in your applications?