How to manage rasters with different bands by using Mosaic Datasets

Discussion created by JackBao on Jan 2, 2018
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    I have  some rasters with different bands,bit depth,cell size.And i want to publish them into webserice just for displaying them without any other porcessing.


      At first ,i loaded them into same Mosaic Datasets, but some  of them display complete black color.


      I read the help file on esri website Mosaic Datasets—Standard Workflow_Overview | ArcGIS ,and i create 9  Source Mosaic Datasets that have same number of bands, bit depth, and type of metadata.


      My question is should I create  Derived mosaic datasets (like add two types of A1 into same derived mosiac),if i need to ,what bands and bit depth should i set.Or do i have any other better choice


      Thanks in advance.


     The picture show metadata of rasters:

metadata of rasters