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AppStudio QML Writing To External SD Card on Android

Question asked by zdjankovsky on Jan 3, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2018 by icer182


I am trying to download binary files (*.geodatabase files) to Android external SD memory card.

It doesn't work:

- on Android 4.3 it downloads completely, without problem

- on Android 7.1.1 the app does NOT have write access to external memory card (checked with fileInfo isWritable function).


On 4.3. my path to folder for download is as /storage/extSdCard/DataFolder

On 7.1.1 my path to folder for a download is as /storage/870F-1E0A/DataFolder

I have checked the External Storage in my App Setting.


Why is AppStudio not able to write to external SD card on newer Android device?


Thank you.