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slow performance due to too many layers

Question asked by mlane0414 on Jan 2, 2018
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I work for a small homeowner's association that manages much of their communities utilities. They sort of function as a quasi-government agency. Anyway, they have these old plat maps with a lot of hand-written notes that they want to make available to their field tech via ArcGIS Online (either through a web map or web app - I offer both).


Here's the situation: Because many of the plat maps overlap, I don't have the option to merge them all and just create a new base map out of them (though that would be ideal). Well, I could, but it would be a LOT of work cleaning up mis-matched stuff and all that hand-written stuff. So I've just been geo-referencing each one and putting them up on AGOL. Then I add them to a map and an app that are both accessed by various personnel. I have all the JPEGs turned off to begin with. When a user navigates to their location, based on the parcel unit number, they can scroll down to the appropriate plat map and turn it on to overlay it onto an aerial (or whatever other data they need).


So far, so good. My problem is: I have about 123 plat maps to upload. I've gotten 102 finished, but the map/app loads very slowly. It functions fine once the map or app is loaded, but the initial upload takes a super long time.


What would you all suggest to quicken that initial load?


Thanks in advance!