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Map Series Borks Projections... Can't Frame Without Refreshing Series Manually

Question asked by ronaldotortugas on Dec 31, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2018 by KKramer-esristaff

Referencing this Twitter conversation:


Cannot for the life of me figure out how to make page specific projections work in Map Series without refreshing between each and every map.


Simple example: using US states projected to NAD 1983 HARN as the feature layer for Map Series, file path in attribute table pointing to projection from each feature (all US state planes in HARN -- see attachment image) and it frames the features just.... really terribly.  Doesn't matter if it's during the auto-export to PDF or if its by visiting the page in the layout.


Arizona doesn't work


HOWEVER, if you refresh the entire map series between viewing each page, the map is framed perfectly and in the proper projection.


arizona does work


Unfortunately, doing this entirely takes away the purpose of the map series feature -- to automate export of many layouts with one click.


So, my question is, WTF?  Is it....

1) My projections are somehow messed up?  Doesn't seem likely because they're all coordinated in terms of angular units, linear units, datum, geoid and base coordinate system.  The filepaths in the attribute table are correct, the .prj files they point to are correct. And they work perfectly if refreshed.  However, I'm certainly willing to learn what I did wrong here.

2) The Map Series isn't working right?  I can't imagine this is a feature rather than a bug because.... well, why? Having to refresh the map series after each map would make the Map Series stuff no more useful than spatial bookmarks. 

3) Not an intended use of the Map Series feature?  If the Map Series feature doesn't exist to automate map production, why does it exist, and exactly how is this in any way better than the equivalent in QGIS?


I'm still using a trial version and was ready to pony up for ArcGIS Pro license thanks to the much faster processing and output that Arc offers over QGIS.  However, if I can't do Map Series without walking the software through each and every page, then any savings in processing and output over QGIS for my use is absolutely lost.


Any help, advice or fixes is very much appreciated!