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How do I find hard to find aerial photos that are not online?

Question asked by progis99 on Jan 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2018 by progis99

I  have a question about locating old Aerial Photos that I am seeking for my project. I am going to work on a lot of old not georeferenced aerial photos on my forest boundary. I have them that are on my external hard drive. If, for some reason, one or several aerial photo might be missing. I need to pull one or a few to be include my project. I am aware that USGS EarthExplorer and several other site that carry aerial photos that you can download from the internet.

My question to you is does the public or private library may  have them on their online or in their storage ?

If the city or county offices has them, which department do they most likely have them ?

I prefer them to be free and download only. I am looking at the aerial photos that are done pre-50's.

Location I am seeking them specifically in Colorado.

Thank you for your feedback.