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Which part of platform controls 'in the last X days' queries/filters?

Question asked by jcibor on Jan 1, 2018

My data is stored in an enterprise geodatabase. The datetime filed is in GMT. When accessing this data via web map, inside a Web AppBuilder Developer edition (WAB) app the app correctly corrects the datatimes to local time for the user, but then when the 'in the last X days' filter is set, data that was just entered a few minutes before does not appear on the map. This is because the filter grabs CURRENT_TIMESTAMP as the current time which is EST, but since the data is stored in GMT, the new data is "in the future". The data appears after the 5 hour time difference between GMT and EST has passed. Does anyone know which part of the platform (Portal/Online, WAB, jsapi) controls this query so that I can try modifying it to a GETUTCDATE() or statement or something similar.