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Generating attributes of sinks, using depression / sink elevation

Question asked by minca23 on Jan 2, 2018



I want to do the depression elevation with tools of the spatial analyst, because the process stopped, when I used a high-resolution raster, bigger then 7 m² with the "depression elevation" of the arc hydro tool.


So I did the depression elevation with archydro for a small area and followed the steps, listed in the result windows for my study area. It worked and I got depression and depression areas, based on the high resolution-raster for a big area. Unfortunately the polygons have no attributes like FillDeph, FillVolume,... :(


So I did the process of sink evaluation at first on a test area with the archydro tools and followed the steps using the inputs from the depression elevation to produce the attributes.


But I´m not sure which inputs are needed to do the zonal statistics. Perhaps anyone can help?


Within the process of sink evaluation with the  archydro-tool, two zonal statistics are used.


1.Zonal Statistic


First Illustration shows the inputs, that are used by archydro tools.

I replaced the input raster to the raster "deprwsh", generated with the steps of the depression elevation.My  DEM is the input value raster.What das GPLO mean???? I used the statistics type "all"



  1. Zonal Statistic


Within the 2nd zonal statistic, I used the same inputs, and statistics type was miminum (Illustration shows inputs using by archydro)


Finally I got all wrong attributes for FillDepth, FillVolume, which are generated from the result of the first zonal statistics




FillDeph is being calculated by this expression:


!tmp9DEF.MAX! * 1


and FillVolume is calculated this way: !tmp9DEF.SUM! * 1


my results (fill depth) correspond to the z -coordinates of the DEM so there is noch difference between min and max to calculate the FillDepth.


 Is "GLPO" an interim result, which is created by the difference of the substraction of the minimum value from maximum value? It would be great to do the depresssion elevation this way.



Thanks in advance