Advanced 1 Year Trial and ArcGIS Pro License

Discussion created by batesc on Dec 28, 2017
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I am a student. I have received a license code from my organization in the format of EVAXXXXXXX. I have activated that code here: ArcGIS for Desktop Student Trial and download/installed the ArcGIS Desktop software. I have followed the steps and successfully registered the software. The ArcGIS Administrator states the licenses have been Authorized. I am able to run ArcMap without any problems. However, I am unable to run ArcGIS Pro, because the software request licensing information. I follow the prompt for Single License User and the Authorization, however after inputting the code, EVAXXXXXXX, it states "All Features Have Already Been Authorized on This Machine". ArcGIS Pro fails to Authorize and is unusable. What can do to remove the confusion between the license managers? A deactivation and reactivation through the license manager made no difference. My "Advanced 1 Year Trial" is supposed to support both ArcGIS Pro and ArcMap.  Any help is greatly appreciated. I think the problem has do with a licensing issue within ArcGIS Pro files, but have been unable to find a solution for it. Thank you for your time!