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Where is the Distance-Distance tool in Pro?

Question asked by jbear725 on Dec 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2019 by rleclair-esristaff

I work for a water and sewer district and our old paper records use swing ties to locate assets like valves, curb stops, manholes, clean outs, etc...  These swing ties are simply 2 measurements off of fixed objects, mainly foundation corners.  Where the 2 swing and intersect is the location of the asset.  In ArcMap10 in the Editor Toolbar and Feature Construction Toolbar there is a Distance-Distance tool that makes drawing these assets really easy by drawing two intersecting circles.  We are using a GPS to locate assets and correct our maps but for buried assets like a sewer service connection to a main or a 45deg bend in a pipe these swing ties are the only thing we have to draw assets as accurately as we can.  I also use the swing ties to double check GPS points that "look off".  Sometimes we collect bad points and need to re-shoot the GPS point.


It appears this tool is no longer available in ArcGIS Pro.  Why was it removed?  And can it be added back in please?  This tool helps immensely.  Without this tool I have to create extra circle features and then delete them after I create an asset point at the intersection.  This is extra work and time consuming.