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datepicker update results on close/type error

Question asked by franklin.alexander on Dec 27, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2017 by franklin.alexander

I have recently updated a web app to WAB 2.4 that pulls black bear sighting data from a server when queried. The query widget has 7 parameters with which to filter results, two of which are a start date and end date. I am using the jquery datepicker for the dates, but I want the app to automatically update the results when the calendar is closed. I already have an "onchange:" event set in the widget html, which works fine for the other parameters, but not with the datepicker. I have been trying to use the onClose method from within the datepicker object to search the database and update the results when the calendar is closed, but when I try and call a function that has been defined outside of the $(document).ready(function), I get a type error: 'this._BBearFetch is not a function'. I am fairly sure this is a scope issue, but I cannot figure out how to solve this. The function I am trying to call is defined as a value in the clazz object, and I located the datepicker in the startup: function(). I hope this makes sense, but I have attached a code snippet for more clarity. Thanks for any advice, I am sure I am missing something obvious.