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Scanned Map. GCS_Clarke_1880->WGS84

Question asked by shreid_SyrUniv on Dec 21, 2017
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Struggling a bit with transforming/reprojecting a scanned map of Southern Ghana from GCS_Clarke_1880 to WGS84 in ArcGIS 10.5. I need it to be in the same coordinate system as the Worldview-3 imagery I am using in ArcGIS and Erdas IMAGINE. Here's what I have done:

1. Scanned the map as a TIF, imported into ArcGIS 10.5 and defined the projection as Clarke 1880 (the original projection of the map).

2. Georeferenced the map.

3. Attempted to use the "Project Raster" tool to change it from GCS_Clarke_1880 to WGS84, but getting errors that the transformation is not valid. See below for screen shot.


Map Problems - Album on Imgur 

What am I doing wrong here? Should I be using a different tool? Any help is appreciated.


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