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Has anyone published an 'append' geoprocessing service and got it to work as a geoprocessing widget in Web App Builder?

Question asked by mtorbettGFC on Dec 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2020 by cliu_geocove

In my web app I am trying to make it where people can bring in outside GIS data (Shapefile, KML, or GPX) and append it to the already existing feature service layers within the app. I've tried creating a very simple model (using the append tool in ArcGIS Pro) to export as a geoprocessing service to be used within the Geoprocessing Widget in Web App Builder (developers edition). However, when I try to run it the following message occurs: type GPMultiValue:GPFeatureRecordSetLayer is not supported for now. This message occurs for the input parameter (where you bring in outside gis data to append to the feature service). Does anyone know if the append tool is supported as a geoprocessing service for Web App Builder? If not, does anyone know of a custom widget or better process for appending outside GIS data into a Web Mapping Application Feature Service Layer?