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Disconnect replication, XML and Prevention and detection (CDR) system

Question asked by ofraasystematics-co-il-esridist Employee on Dec 23, 2017

For one of my clients: He has on premise ArcGIS server, portal and SDE, and cloud Azure server with ArcGis server and SDE, ArcGis online as the front end.

He collects data and attached file using Collector in the cloud environment.

He want to sync the data to the internal system.

I have created a replication between these two SDEs. Some of the layers has attached pictures.

Since the on premise environment is not connected to the internet, I've defined disconnected replication, which created XML file with all the changes, to be synced to the internal environment.

Now, the XML file has to be check by Prevention and detection (CDR)# system, for viruses and other threats, before entering to the internal environment.

That system, cannot handle attached files (picture, pdfs and so), and asked me to extract the attached file from the XML, and attach it again after their check.


Is there a script from Esri to do that?

How can I do it?

Any other ideas from your experience?


I'll appreciate any help.


Thank in advance

Ofra Ainemer