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Drone2Map: Trees are not extruded in 3D mesh. Why?

Question asked by hasifmeera on Dec 20, 2017

I have been trying to generate 3D mesh in Drone2Map but the major issue I am facing is that the trees in the image are not extruded into 3D. This is so peculiar that all the shrubs and houses are properly extruded where as trees were not extruded. I am wondering why this happens with Drone2Map.


To clarify more:


1. I have tried with different parameter combinations in the D2M image processing window but somehow I managed to get a maximum of 50% trees extruded in the study area, with a final optimal parameter combination. But uninterestingly there is a forest area in my AOI in which NOT EVEN ONE TREE was 3D extruded, leading to a big confusion.


2. The images have 60% forward overlap and 40% lateral overlap, which is sufficient for stereo generation in a normal photogrammetric scenario.


Is this a short coming in the processing algorithm? Because, I can not see any fault in the input images.