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Survey123 close and save changes to drafts failing

Question asked by ryan.andrew23 on Dec 20, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2018 by a.sandstorm

We have been field testing a survey123 application, and our staff has noticed that the option to close the survey, and save as draft sometimes fails. This usually happens if a person has closed the survey already that day, and tries to close out again. However,  it isnt consistent. Sometimes it works just fine closing and saving several times in a row. When it fails, the survey form reopens without going to the main menu, and any changes you have made since the last time it was saved to drafts are gone.


My questions:

  1. Is there a way to bring back these data from the autosave location?  I understand that Survey123 now auto saves after each question is entered, but is that data stored somewhere other than the draft folder dataset? As I understand it, when the error occurs, the data reverts back to the saved draft data, and the new data dissapears.
  2. Could there be an issue with the file name in the drafts folder being the same with several saves? I have the survey name generate based on a site name and date, so if it is saved twice, the survey instance name would be the same. Would this confuse the software, or should it overwrite the draft folder dataset if the names are the same?



  • The surveys are going to be for whole day workdays, so they could be open for 8 plus hours. I dont want to foprce the field staff to keep them open all day, and would like to let them close out of the survey if they need to.
  • The survey has several repeats in it, and last time i tried it the inbox still wasn't pulling data in repeats back from the hosted services correctly. Because of this, i now have the inbox disabled, and only have staff submitting surveys at the end of the day. So I need the data on the device to stay saved and happy.


thank you for your help!