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Is a 2 machine ArcGIS Server Site (single cluster) supposed to be HA?

Question asked by jgustine on Dec 21, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2017 by JQuinn-esristaff

Some background... we have a 2 machine site (with machines that live in different datacenters) that share configs/directories on separate file server. We are doing some testing to see what happens we take one of the servers out of service. We have tested reboots, disconnecting from network and stopping the arcgis server, etc 


We are seeing a differences in behavior when we take down each server. When we take down the 1st server (used to create the site) no services draw until server has completely started up all the SOCs and CPU has come back down. This can take 20-30 mins as there are a few hundred services. 


When we take down the 2nd server (Joined to site) the affect isn;t as significant. We do see a lag in draw times, but is is brief. 


My questions are is this architecture designed to be HA? or is the site dependant on the 1st machine being available? 

Should we view the 1st machine as "Primary"?


Also of note. After a machine restarts, it stays in a mixed status:


configured state: stopped

realtime state: started


Seems to function ok at this point, but we have to manually start the machine to correct the status?



Thanks for any insight, this has been confusing us for awhile now.