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Zonal Statistics as Table issue

Question asked by dljayasekera on Dec 21, 2017
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I need to estimate zonal statistics (MEAN) using the "Zonal Statistics as Table" tool in ArcGIS. I have the underlying raster in color (see the image below) and the polygon (grid, TownWilson) in pink color. As you can see, there are 20 grids in the TownWilson grid (shapefile). The grid IDs (T_R) are shown in the table below.




"Zonal Statistics as Table" tool and set up the environment variables as shown below. 




The output table and after the Zonal Statistics as Table run is complete is as follows. It shows zonal mean statistics for ONLY 12 grid IDs (T_R) out of 20 grid IDs in the original TownWilson table above. 


Can somebody help me to obtain the statistics for all the T_R IDs in the grid? I cant understand what I am doing wrong here.


Thanks in advance for help.