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Is there any ArcGIS Online application for Joe the Handyman?

Question asked by jsn on Dec 19, 2017
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Hello everyone,


I was talking with Joe the Handyman who needs a web application to receive requests from his customers when they need a service. Then he visit the customer, gives an estimate, does the job and gets paid.


Is there a way to do something like that with ArcGIS Online. The customer creates a job request online or workorder from his property address, specifying the job to be done. Then Joe the Handyman receives the work order and process it: gives an estimate, does the work, bills and closes the work order.


Each customer has access only to his work orders.


Joe the Handyman has also a team so he spends time sending workers to contracts and supervising work done.


Could a solution like that be done with ArcGIS Online for Joe the Handyman? A solution that uses templates with a minimum configuration. Does Esri has solutions for Joe the Handyman?