Specify on date on VRP

Discussion created by stevy3 on Jan 25, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2011 by nan-esristaff

Is it possible to only specify a date for orders and routes? 

As an example, I have 9 stores that have 23 separate orders (i.e. Store 1 has a delivery every weekday).  I am not interested in specific delivery times but allocating orders to the various routes.  I have specified only dates for each order and I have routes that travel only on a specific day (i.e. Store 1 has orders on Jan 24, 25, 26, etc. and there are routes that travel only on Jan 24, or Jan 25, etc.).

Does Network Analyst have the ability to run this type of problem?  By specifying a specific time, it would limit when the orders could be processed.