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"Request canceled" when invoking my Web App. Why?

Question asked by externer.dl.ehm on Dec 20, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2018 by prashant84k

I'm running into serveral problems adding Feature Layer to a Web App using the LocalLayer Widget under Web AppBuilder 2.5 or 2.6 Developer Edition. I don't think that LocalLayer Widget is the problem as the errors occur prior to the call of this widget.


The task:


In a later project phase I want to add dynamically feature layers to a Web app following certain business rules. A former question in GeoNet was, how to do this. The answer was: don't do this on your own, use LocalLayer Widget (LLW) to bring additional Feature Layers to your app!


So I configured LLW for using both layers below, and configured jsons, so that LLW occurs in my local app. Good.


The base Web Map in AGOL consists of a OpenStreetMap base map and one Feature Layer


Now I want to add these two additional AGOL layers to my Web App via LLW:


The problem:


No matter, if I use proxy or not, loading layers via LLW doesn't work :-(. And as stated above: even loading my plain Web App prior to LLW is causing error messages.


What Am I doing wrong?




- WAB 2.6 Developer Edition (starting with 2.5, same symptoms)
- Visual Studio Code
- Node.js
- Web map with OpenStreetMap and 1 Feature Layer from AGOL "Bushaltestellen_Muenchen_OSM"
I registered the app for using data source http://localhost:3345/webappbuilder, redirect URIs are http://localhost:3345, https://localhost:3346.
- Optional: using PHP-Proxy (v5.6) running via grunt-php task. Works fine according to logs


Steps to reproduce the problems:


Step 1 - invoking Web App (http://localhost:3345/webappbuilder/apps/14/) --> NOK: error message(s):


_ssl: undefined
log: false
message: "Request canceled"
response: {…}
getHeader: function t()
options: Object { handleAs: "text", timeout: 180000, ioArgs: {…}, … }
url: "*&outSR=102100&resultOffset=3000&resultRecordCount=1000"
xhr: XMLHttpRequest { readyState: 0, timeout: 0, withCredentials: false, … }
__proto__: Object { … }
responseText: undefined
stack: "f@


Step 2 - Loading additional layers via Local Layer: NOK --> Afterwards I see the two additional layers in the Layer List, but grayed out, and i cannot work with them. And again error message(s):


_ssl: undefined
log: false
message: "Request canceled"



Step 3 - Creating a new Web app with OpenStreetMap and this feature Layer

is causing a different error:


columnNumber: 16
fileName: ""
lineNumber: 2061
message: "e is undefined"
stack: "_initLayer@\


When invoking LLW again, our old friend "Request canceled" returns :-(