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DEM Reconditioning error

Question asked by kdmnance on Dec 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2018 by kdmnance
I work for tech support at a university. A professor has an assignment that has students use DEM Reconditioning through HEC-GeoHMS 10.3, but he is having an error with the assignment. The basic process is as follows:
  1. In C:\temp, create a folder for the project
  2. In ArcMap, navigate there, create a default geodatabase, add a toolbox to the geodatabase
  3. Import map grid data
  4. Data Management Tools > Projections and Transformations > Project Raster
  5. Spatial Analyst Tools > Surface > Slope
  6. Import flowline data
  7. HEC-GeoHMS > Preprocessing > DEM Reconditioning
Step 7 causes the error. Additionally, running DEM Reconditioning through Arc Hydro Tools instead of HEC-GeoHMS also comes up with the error.
In previous versions of ArcMap, Arc Hydro Tools, and HEC-GeoHMS, we have gotten various errors every single year with this same assignment and dataset that we have been able to solve. A few years ago, we were getting this exact same error message. At the time, we uninstalled the three programs and reinstalled them and it worked. Hoping that would be the case again, I tried it and still got the error.
To rule out software interactions, I ran the assignment on a computer with nothing but those three programs installed and it still failed.
I also tried doing the basic assignment with fresh data obtained through USGS, thinking maybe the data got corrupted or was otherwise faulty, and still got the error, so it is not bad data.
I tried the assignment with default generated layer names and locations, still didn't work.
We have followed every possible suggestion listed online, like short file names, working locally, clearing the temp directory, etc in order to have the maximum chance of success. I have also tried setting the targets, no luck.
The full error output from HEC-GeoHMS is attached. I get the same output if I run DEM Reconditioning from the Arc Hydro Tools toolbox
I need to figure this out before spring semester begins and I'm at a loss. Any ideas on how to fix this?
Let me know if you need anything else. I'm not very knowledgeable about ArcGIS terminology etc so bare with me.
EDIT: Attached data