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TimeSlider settings on Web App do not match the TimeSilder settings on the underlying Web Map on ArcGIS Online

Question asked by alextaochen on Dec 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2018 by alextaochen

On ArcGIS Online, I have a hosted Web Map that contains 4 hosted feature layers. Each feature layer has the same number of features and a "Date" field and was published with Time enabled. All the features in a featuer layer has the same date and time for that field.


They have the following attribute tables.


The web map was published and configured to allow time slider to show the feature layers with time.



Then I created a web app using Web AppBuilder out of the web map with a TimeSlider widget added. The TimeSlider on the web app has three time steps while that for the web map has four steps as above. Missing the last time step stopped the last feature layer from appearing on the web app.


I thought the TimeSlider settings on a web app should match the settings on the underlying web map. Any idea?