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running CE 2017.01 on Ubuntu 16.04

Question asked by drtwak on Dec 18, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2018 by SHaegler-esristaff

Running CE 2017.0 on Ubuntu worked well enough (when the correct things were run as root). However running CE 2017.01 on Ubuntu 16.04 is proving more of a challege.

on running ./Setup script:


[CityEngine 2017.1 Setup Error]
OpenGL not detected.


It needed glxinfo:


sudo apt install mesa-utils


The next hurdle is is getting flex to run - any ideas? During the setup script, it doesn't seem to like to install FNP ("FNP service was not successfully installed on this system"). My attempts at hacking on /service/ failed (couldn't run FNPLicensingService, even after skipping fuse check). 


Installing FNP from the "OLD" folder seemed promising, but didn't seem to allow me to run CE - I still get a "service not installed" dialog when starting CE...