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arcgis hub dataset download failures

Question asked by bobbistrais on Dec 18, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2017 by DFenton-esristaff

I have two datasets that are failing to download in ArcGIS Hub. When attempting to download data for these particular layers, the following message appears on the Hub: Status: An error occurred. Download failed


These are the layers having trouble: 


In my hub administration data screen, I found an error like this: 

Warning A recent attempt to download this dataset failed. Reset the dataset to resolve this issue or contact
support with this information: Request
+OBJECTID<=6907&f=json&outFields=*&geometry=&returnGeometry=true&geometryPrecision=' returned HTTP code 500 and
Error 'Paging aborted: Received HTML or plain text when expecting JSON: undefined' for dataset at 2017-12-


I tried resetting the layers but have not seen any improvement.


The REST service behind these layers is working normally, and I have not seen any errors in the ArcGIS Server logs regarding this service.