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How can I provide Identify Route Locations in a web app? 

Question asked by huffmanp on Dec 15, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2017 by huffmanp

PTAGIS always wants to know LLID and river kilometer for tagging or detection locations. To help my team at Yakama Nation Fisheries,  I always query the old SSHIAP layer routes with ArcMap and the Identify Route Locations. Sometimes I am able to overlay their point feature classes on SSHIAP classes to get the route measures and LLID for a batch of points. The NHD stuff doesn't seem very useful for stream identification, because it doesn't preserve the LLID number,  and not so useful for stream kilometer, because the routes are broken up into smaller reaches.


Lately, I have been thinking about how I might provide a tool so people in my team, and others in the Pacific Northwest who are tagging fish can look up this info for themselves, particularly for those that don't have ArcGIS Desktop.  Perhaps a web app.  Some people use my ArcServer services in Google Earth as overlays, but I don't think Google Earth can serve route locations.   Is it even possible to deliver something like Identify Route Locations data from a GIS Pro App, GIS Online, or ArcServer map service?  I have a couple instances of ArcServer 10.3.1 running here, so maybe I could test this.