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ArcEngine export raster data use renderer

Question asked by yh371174229 on Dec 17, 2017

question about IRasteLayerExport3


“If you don’t want to use the raster renderer to filter the pixel values during the export, remove the raster renderer from the raster layer before passing it to the RasterLayerExport object.” But I can’t find a way to remove the renderer from the raster layer. I tried to set the  rasterLayer.Renderer to null, but I got a run-time exception saying “null reference error.” Hence, ArcObject doesn’t allow set it to null. I tried not to set the Renderer at all, the default renderer is used, so the output is still an 8 bit raster. I tried to use the IRasterUniqueValueRenderer, so that I hope no values will be filtered out, but the result is still the same.