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Feature Template in ArcGIS Online

Question asked by geo.nerd on Dec 17, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2017 by geo.nerd

Can ArcGIS Online support feature template like ArcMap? I need to  symbolize a feature class based on two fields. ArcGIS Online does not support unique multiple fields symbology, thus I concatenate the 2 fields. The field looks like: Found, In Progress

Found, Closed 

Lost, In Progress

Lost, Closed

In ArcMap, I can edit the feature template to show only 'In Progress' projects in Create Feature. When I published it to ArcGIS Online, in the edit pane, it shows all the types 'closed' and 'in progress'. When I delete the 'Closed' ones in the Manage template, these 'Closed' types are deleted from edit dialog box from: 


I am trying to create a web app for editing. When users add new features, they will only have the choices of creating 'In progress' types and later they will edit the these feature to 'Closed.'


How will these feature template and subtype rules are applied in ArcGIS Online or if i publish these services with ArcGIS Server?