Newby Needs Help in Creating an Offline c# Project

Discussion created by jscmanson8188 on Dec 17, 2017
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Hi gang, I am an Access VBA developer, I would like to move my db over to .NET, and add GIS functionality.  I am new to c#, and xaml, but I'm willing to learn (my experiance has so far been with VB).  I have installed the esri runtime in visual studio, and have developed a sample ap (wpf) that displays an online map etc.  I have also setup a local arcGIS server on my local machine, and have created a .geodatabase with some local data for testing (two layers in there).  I have been trolling around the various esri pages and git looking for a sample c# (or VB) project that loads and displays data from a local server for offline use, but I can't find one - they are all online stuff.  I can find some code snippets etc, but I'm not very comfortable with c# syntax, so a comlete running ap sample would be better to start with if possible.  Can anyone help me?  Much appreciated.  -John