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Best method/workflow for swapped credentials

Question asked by aldoustsang on Dec 13, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2017 by aldoustsang

Originally, multiple surveys were created with different accounts. We realized that if someone was out/leaves, only the creator can make edits/updates to the form(s). Thus, we created a global account for future surveys. We changed one of the credentials to the global account but the file/folder (Survey-xxxxx) in AGOL is missing and the form & feature layer is in the root directory. The form still works but I tried to make a small update (ie, update the thumbnail icon), but couldn't republish/timed out because the Survey folder in AGOL is missing. I know Survey123 is pretty particular with its file structure.


What possible solution(s) for this situation? Would we need to download the previous survey's data & photos as FGDB and create a new survey and append the previous data? There are several surveys that need to moved to the global account. Your ideas/suggestion are much appreciated. Thanks!