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GraphicsLayer removeall graphics come back after zoom

Question asked by on Dec 14, 2017
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I'm using JavaScript API 4.5 and my application is using webmap. I want to highlight the feature that the user clicks on (polygon) and clear the current one and highlight the new one every time the user clicks on a new feature. 


I created a GraphicsLayer for it and use removeall() to remove all the graphics before draw the new one. This works fine until I zoom the map. When I zoom the map all the graphics come back and I can't figure out where they are stored. I checked the graphics layer and there is always one graphic in it which is the most recent selected feature.


highlightFeature(graphic) {
let theComponent = this;
let graphicsLayerMap;

  if (layer.type === 'graphics') {
    graphicsLayerMap = layer;
// SimpleFillSymbolProperties only necessary because of tight coupling of object types. Normally outside of Angular/Webpack we wouldn't need a fake SimpleFillSymbolProperties class
let symbolProps = new SimpleFillSymbolProperties({
  style: 'none',
  outline: {
   width: 2,
   color: [0, 197, 255, 1]
let highlightSymbol = new SimpleFillSymbol(symbolProps);
graphic.symbol = highlightSymbol;
if (graphicsLayerMap !== undefined) {
  // not the first time click on the map
  } else {
  // if this is the first click on this map, add a graphicsLayer to the map
  // add graphic to GraphicsLayer
  let graphicsLayer = new GraphicsLayer({
   graphics: [graphic],
   listMode: 'hide'

 Any help would be appreciated!