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Raster based monte carlo

Question asked by toddmcd on Dec 13, 2017
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I am adding four different grids: RasterA + RasterB + RasterC + RasterD; and am interested in expressing uncertainty in the results based on uncertainties in each of the input grids.


All grids are in the same units and all values are positive in the range of zero to about 200.


The values in each grid have different ranges of uncertainty, such as:

+/- 6 for RasterA

+/- 10 for RasterB

+/- 12 for RasterC

+/- 5 for RasterD


I would like to run a monte carlo style analysis whereby the grids are added to together multiple times (e.g. n = 1000) based on values for each grid cell that are randomly selected from within the uncertainty range around each input grid cell value.


Does anyone have suggestions for how to carry this out or know of any available tools/code?


Thanks in advance.