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Transfer ownership of StoryMaps layers from one individual account to another?

Question asked by bscudder on Dec 12, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2017 by bscudder

Help! While working at a small but virtuous nonprofit, I used an individual account, tied to my facebook login, to create a map for my organization. They loved it and used it far more than I expected they would. When I left, I did what I could to transfer the map over to an account that was tied to an email account at the nonprofit. Unfortunately, apparently all I was able to do was make the StoryMap available to the nonprofit account. I'm still listed as the owner and creator, and the layers are all locked to me.


I'd like to transfer everything I've made to them, so that they can continue to use it. Is this possible?


Both accounts are free individual accounts - the nonprofit, like most, has no budget for StoryMaps.