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Issue with polygon layer to kml for Google Earth Pro

Question asked by JMRutherford on Dec 12, 2017
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I am trying to convert my polygon layer which is part of a geodatabase file to a kml file that I can use in Google Earth Pro. I would like to retain the symbols to the best ability. I have no problem convert to kml, but it does not reflex symbol style or field in which I have selected for conversion. 


I realize coloring etc with need to be modified. However, I am trying actually display the field "Defined Category" not the 'Name' field in which it seems to be reverting to when I convert. Does anyone know why this is happening?This is what it looks like this in Arc Map and what I would like to have in google earth.

This is what I get for Google Earth.


This is the Id Name of each of my polygons. I really want to display the 'Defined Category'

I did try to save as a layer and try to convert to kml that way, but I get the same results. I have attached the layer file. I hope someone can assist me.