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Isohypses - filtering out very small areas of elevation?

Question asked by mv_kocemba on Dec 11, 2017
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I am currently creating a topographic map based on DEM data. I created some rasters and merged them with the goal to create some isohypses using the contour tour. Now I used the tool and also the smoothing tool but I got a lot of very small points of elevation in my map that I would like to filter out of my map (I only want to have a minimalistic map showing off the most important features).

Is there any way to do it? I am using ArcGis 10.1. Thank you very much. 
What I circled in pink are the small chunks of elevation that the tool of course labeled correctly as exceeding 50m of elevation (that's the parameter i ran contour with), but I really rather not have those small pieces in my map
Greetings, Michèle.