Topo to raster level elevation

Discussion created by gavincrm on Jan 24, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2011 by mstead
I'm having trouble creating a flat ocean in a topo to raster conversion.

I have contours from 20m to 1000 which goes into my DEM fine, but I have a seperate ocean line shapefile that has a Z value of 8 which is causing some problems. When I run the topo to raster the contour line value is 8 but within the contour, where no other contours lie, the raster level creeps up to 10.

When I put this into 3d analyst I get a bumpy ocean where as I need it to be flat.

I have tried creating a poly and adding the ocean in as a lake but errors occur. Has anyone had any success with a similar problem or can someone see where I'm going wrong?????