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Obtaining a raster file's geometry

Question asked by ZPiSQEWt727iu2t7v0A6 on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2018 by ZPiSQEWt727iu2t7v0A6

I would like to grab the Polygon or Geometry describing the boundaries of a raster image. I can successfully load and display the image as a RasterLayer using your sample code, and the SDK understands how to correctly place the image on the Basemap, so I should be able to somehow query its Geometry. I can use Layer::fullExtent() to get the extent as an Envelope, which is better than nothing, but I'd like to get the shape that precisely defines the geographic footprint covered by the image. What options do I have? Thanks.


I'm using SDK version 100.1.0, C++ API, and if it matters, the images are GeoTIFFs.