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AWS Enterprise Builder/AMI Help

Question asked by TPUUTS on Dec 7, 2017

I seem to be having a heck of a time installing ESRI Enterprise Builder on an AWS instance. (I'm just playing around with various cloud platforms for research).  When I played around with the Azure ESRI Enterprise Builder, I was able to log into the VM and configure (i had to tweak the webadaptor per advice of another user), but it worked.  Now, when I tried to do the same thing with AWS there are so many other nuances that it's making it very difficult.


I believe the biggest issue issue is that I don't have a domain w/SSL.  I've just been using the DNS given to me by AWS (with an elastic ip), so each time I try to configure portal its picking up the machine name and throwing everything off.  I tried to edit the webadaptor, like I did with Azure, but it's still not working.


Any help or tutorials or tips you can provide would be greatly appreciated.