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HotSpot Analysis: ArcGIS server service requires username password even it is not secured ?

Question asked by siva.lntgis on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2017 by rscheitlin


I am trying to do HotSpot analysis, Where i have provided service for SpatialAnalysisTools(FindHotSpot) of ArcGIS Server’s System tool in ArcGIS JavaScript API 3.2’s application as REST service.


Below is the code:

function initializeHotSpotTool(){

//Define the default inputs for the Hot Spot widget
var hotSpotParams = {
id: "analysisTool",
analysisLayer: crime,
aggregationPolygonLayers: [tracts],
boundingPolygonLayers: [tracts],
showHelp: false,
showSelectAnalysisLayer: false,
showCredits: false,
map: map,
returnFeatureCollection: true

var hotSpots = new FindHotSpots(hotSpotParams, "hotSpotDiv");
hotSpots.startup(); ///Asking for Credentials

//If any errors occur reset the widget (Not Working...troubleshoot)
on(hotSpots, "job-fail", function(params){

Though the service is not secured (i.e. available for Everyone"), It is asking for credentials every time.Please find below image for the same.


After entering the credentials, Its gives an error "TypeError: Cannot Read Property of 'self' of null" in browser console. Screenshot has been attached for the same.


Let me know what is the possible solution to overcome this one.


Thanks ,