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Imagery quality and size when converting to .KML

Question asked by soan8559 on Dec 7, 2017



I am working on a project where I need to map Norway and convert map tiles into .kml files. I have used an open source raster map from the Norwegian company Kartverket. The files are in GEOtiff-format. I split the files into 10x10km tiles and uses the "layer to KML" tool to convert them. My problem is that I need to make the resolution very large pixels 15 000 and dpi 5000, in order for the quality to be acceptable. The problem is that I end up with large .kmz files (about 15MB).


I have access to similar files for maps over Sweden. These are around 250 KB. Which is what I would like the other files to be like aswell. Do you guys have ANY idea of what I can do in order to shrink the file size? When I use lower values for the resolution when converting to .kmz, the images ends up with a horrible resolution where you can't even read labels on the map...


I attach example files. One for Norway and one for Sweden.


Any explanation, discussion or suggestion is much appreciated,

Sofia Andersson