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How long should projecting an orthophoto take?

Question asked by mlhotz on Dec 6, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2017 by pk_davidson

I created a mosaic from 411 TIFF orthophotos.   The TIFFs total 106 GB in size and each are in UTM. However, the final image needs to be projected for our web map (Portal) as it's typically not wise to allow it to reproject on-the-fly over a LAN when you want users to have a relatively fast and responsive mapping experience; hence, it should be in the same projection used by Portal.


So I'm in process of projecting the Mosaic using the raster projection tool.  I opted to run this through Modelbuilder so I can at least see if the process is indeed processing.  However, actual progress, I find, can only be done by monitoring the size of the folder where the final image is going (using Windows Explorer).


The problem I'm going to have is time.  This folder into which the projected Mosaic will be deposited is growing at about 18 mb/minute, and the resulting file won't be 106 will more than likely end up being around 150 GB in size.  By my calculations (and correct me if I'm wrong), the resulting file is growing at approximately 1 GB/hour; hence, at this rate the projected image will be completed in approximately 150 hours....This means at this rate the final image should be completed in about 6 days.  Cripes.


Does this should right to you?  Should a simple projection of an image take almost a week to process in ArcMap?  Is there perhaps a faster way to do this?